Wolfson College Boat Club

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It's about sports. It's about socialising.
But there's more to it.



It's passion. Be part of something special.

There are almost as many different reasons why people take up rowing as there are rowers. Many feel that, being at Cambridge, they should aim for new experiences - rowing qualifying as the most quintessentially 'Cambridge' thing. Others want to take part in more College-based activities and mingle with other students. And still others see it as an interesting sport combining endurance and power.

The reasons why people stick with rowing, however, are much easier to ascertain. WCBC is the biggest sports club in Wolfson, competing on the Cam against other colleges every year as well as taking part in regattas on other rivers.


The whole rowing squad, men and women, form a great social group. Many friendships are forged, and the feeling of literally 'being in the same boat' creates a lasting feeling of togetherness.


Add to this the fact that rowing is routinely counted among the healthiest sports, improving both stamina and power. There is an addictive quality to it, making people want to reach beyond their limits, improve their technique, go faster.

There is also one last point which should make the decision of whether to try rowing really easy: to become a member is free! Unlike almost all other societies, you don't have to pay a yearly fee. That's a pretty good deal, considering the equipment is quite expensive - and we have lots of it. The only thing we'd like you to bring along is to be open for new things and a certain enthusiasm.

Hugh Laurie

To conclude with the words of famous Dr. House actor Hugh Laurie, Blues Rower (Cambridge / Oxford Boat Race 1980): "There is nothing like winning a rowing race. Winning a rowing race is not like winning anything else. My theory is that you're facing backwards. So you're looking at the people you're beating. There's something very intense about that."