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What is coxing, anyway? 'Cox' is short for coxswain - it's the person sitting in the back of the boat. As a cox, you're the only one who actually gets to see where the boat is going! This means you're also the only one able to steer the boat. But is that all?


No! Far from being just that ninth person in the boat who steers it, you're actually the single most important member of the crew. You are the one providing all the input, commanding the boat. Steering is part of it, and on the ever-curving Cam a very important one as well - but motivating and encouraging the rowers, providing feedback on their performance, and making tactical decisions during races is just as important. In short: without you, the rowers are like a modern car engine on its own - powerful and impressive to look at, but going nowhere fast. It is therefore also a wonderful way to improve your leadership skills whilst looking good in a hat and sunglasses - and maybe the odd green branch to indicate you've won a bumps race!

Winning Cox

A good cox will keep the crew organised and always be in control of the boat. By knowing the rowers, you can push them to their limits and beyond in races - it makes a huge difference to overall performance as well as specific race results. With all these responsibilities, it should come as no suprise that coxes are well-respected within the rowing community! They are seen as an integral part of the club - and always get to sit in the middle of crew pictures. Or sometimes lie.

Cox Crew Picture

Interested? Give it a try! Sign up at the Freshers' Fair, the Novice BBQ - or contact the Novices' Captain directly! (Contact information: upper right corner)